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Specialists in Knee and Hip Replacement
Phone: 321.956.1501

The Arthritis & Joint Center of Florida

Due to COVID-19 we ask the you please do not come directly to the office if you have a fever, cough, or flu symptoms, if you have traveled internationally in the past two weeks, or if you have been in close proximity of anyone with a confirmed or presumed positive case of COVID-19. In any of those cases, please call the office to reschedule your appointment and discuss any concerns with your Primary Care Provider.  We also ask that you please attend your appointments by yourself and if you have a driver that they please wait in the car during your appointment. 

Welcome to the Arthritis and Joint Center of Florida and the Orthopaedic practice of Daniel L. King, M.D and Madeleine Burnett, PA.

We hope that the information provided will guide you in making the most educated decision for your orthopaedic care. 

Our practice specializes in the operative and non-operative care of the painful knee, and hip.  Advances in surgical techniques and materials have led to state-of-the-art surgical solutions provided to you at our center. 

Most hip replacements can now be done utilizing a less invasive anterior technique. Most knee replacements are now done without cutting the quadriceps tendon. Both techniques may result in less pain, and quicker recovery.

We provide experienced care and judgment for patients utilizing optimal materials and techniques.

Office Location

Please note we are located at 2328 Medico Lane, Melbourne, FL 32940 in the new Viera Medical Park. Medico Lane is located off of Stadium Parkway, between Wickham Rd. and Judge Fran Jamieson Way. Click on the link "contact us" on the left hand side of the screen for directions and a map. Please note, this new address does not yet appear in mapping software or GPS systems.

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